Make decisions by

General Meetings

via videoconference or polling
5 times faster

Make collegial decisions regardless of circumstances and distance
Communicate and vote safely. AGREED will make the necessary notes for you
Get legally binding documents in just a few clicks
We use AI to transform online speech into legally binding documents. You no longer need to record meetings manually or involve corporate secretaries.
For companies

Corporate governance must be effective and shall not depend on any force major circumstances.

An appropriate level of corporate governance will help to increase the Company's capital by increasing its competitiveness, efficiency and ensuring stable growth.

The principles of effective corporate governance are embedded in the AGREED mission and help the Companies' executive and supervisory bodies as well as their stakeholders to effectively exercise their rights to vote, communicate and otherwise interact with the Company.


An appropriate level of corporate governance and transparent decision-making process help NGOs to improve business image, strengthen trust in management bodies among participants as well as society in general.

Online-platform AGREED provides an opportunity for NGOs to digitalize the running of General Meeting, Boards of Directors and making important decisions from any location and beyond any circumstances.


AGREED - smart management service. Our goal is to use less effort to get better results.

Automation of the decision-making process
Corporate governance 365/24/7 from any location in the world
Reduce time and money costs at each stage of the decision-making process
Transformation of online speech into documents using AI technologies
100% mistakes elimination
Data security

Documents, passwords and other personal information are stored encrypted

The signing process takes place on the client's side, your QES does not leave your computer

All the data is transmitted to the server in encrypted form using HTTPS with TLS certificates
Certifications of hosting servers
ISO/IEC 27001
The cost of use is personalized and depends on the size of the organization, the number of decisions and additional options
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